Animal activists call for the release of 2 elephants from Honolulu Zoo

HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Honolulu Zoo is facing a lawsuit that seeks the release of the zoo’s two Asian elephants to an elephant sanctuary. Check out more news from around Hawaii The petition filed this week by the Nonhuman Rights Project, a civil rights organization for animals, demands the elephants Mari and Vaigai be freed […]

LA City councilmembers call for moratorium on new breeding permits

With the hope of stemming the overcrowding in Los Angeles animal shelters, two city council members have called for an “immediate and indefinite moratorium” on new breeders. The motion, which Councilmembers Eunisses Hernandez and Traci Park introduced, also ordered the Department of Animal Services to compile information on the number of illegal breeding operations cited […]

Starfield fans call on Bethesda to add more animal companions

Rory Teale   ❘   Published: 2023-09-17T10:29:01   ❘   Updated: 2023-09-17T10:29:15 Starfield players complained about the lack of furry companions in the game and pleaded for Bethesda to add space pets to travel the universe together. Starfield was released on September, 6, as one of the most feature-rich games of 2023 and has been […]

Call to Action: The Industrial Agriculture Accountability Act

We’ve launched a new Compassion Campaign urging you to support the Industrial Agriculture Accountability Act. This vital new legislation will, in addition to many other critical changes, protect farmed animals intentionally left behind during natural disasters. This legislation is personal to us here at Animal Place.  In 2005, Hurricane Katrina decimated a number of commercial […]

Animal welfare advocates call on Gov. Hochul to sign puppy mill ban

Animal welfare advocates are asking Governor Kathy Hochul to sign a bill that would ban the sale of puppies, kittens and rabbits from so-called puppy mills, which opponents say use inhumane practices to breed pets for sale in pet stores. The bill, which passed nearly unanimously in the State Legislature, would end the sale of […]

Animal lovers call for a safe, kind and animal-friendly Deepavali  

While people are all excited to celebrate Deepavali, animal lovers and non-profit organisations have given a call to celebrate a safer, kinder festival this year. As the sound of firecrackers usually startle animals, with some even ending up injured, animal activists have several tips for pet owners and those who care for street animals.   […]

Man Overreacts to Animal Entering His Home While on a Zoom Call

Being scared is a normal thing, especially this time of year with all the horror movies, spooky decorations, and things that jump out to scare you during the Halloween season. We all get scared in some form or fashion. Typically our friends laugh at us when we get scared, and most of us find it […]

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