Newt the Mean | My Shetland

Newt the Mean | My Shetland

Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of the jury, please be upstanding for the judge!

The Victim is Waffle.

And the Accused is Newt.

And we are judge and jury (so you know).

Every night I call the Minions to their wee paddock where there is soaked hay waiting in the hayboxes and a turmeric treat for anyone arriving promptly.

They all canter in happy to accept the routine of 12 hours on and 12 hours off the grazing.

All except Newt, who manages to position himself on the narrow track between the wee paddock and Waffle. And there he stands, not letting Waffle pass.  Not ever, if he has his way.  But he doesn’t. I won’t let him.

So, every night, I have to go down and tell Newt what a horrid bully he is, and somehow manage to get Waffle past him so he can go to bed like a good boy.

Of course, Newt doesn’t care and he doesn’t get a turmeric treat either.  Not for that behaviour.

No one else is mean like this.

And so this is the face of a criminal who doesnt care, won’t learn and has to rule the world. Uncool Newt, uncool, I tell him very evening.  Just as well he is small.

Of course the others are oblivious and I feel very sorry for Waffle, who is playing the victim beautifully.  *** sigh ***

Newt the Mean | My Shetland

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