State Rep. Shusterman touts Elmwood Park Zoo animal rescue efforts – Daily Local

A rendering shows plans for a veterinary hospital and welcome plaza at the Elmwood Park Zoo. Part of the zoo’s comprehensive plan, the project made possible by a $30 million anonymous donation. (Photo courtesy Elmwood Park Zoo)

PAOLI — State Rep. Melissa Shusterman, D-Chester, and her staff recently visited Elmwood Park Zoo to learn about their animal hospital opening in May 2024 and other zoo efforts to rehabilitate wildlife and educate visitors.

The new animal hospital will feature viewing areas so the public can watch basic animal examinations and procedures. The addition of the hospital will also allow the zoo to expand its North American large cat habitats and provide University of Pennsylvania veterinary students a rare opportunity for hands-on experience.

“Over 80% of the animals at Elmwood Zoo were rescued and would not survive on their own,” Shusterman said. “These exhibits are valuable tools for education and species survival. The next generation of veterinarians might be inspired by Elmwood today. That’s why I am proud that the legislative Animal Protection Caucus works with these organizations that focus on rescue and rehabilitation to ensure they have resources to continue their important work.”

Elmwood Park Zoo will celebrate its 100th anniversary this year, and the zoo has much to celebrate, including several innovative firsts. Elmwood Park Zoo was the first in the nation to become an Autism Certified Center, which means staff are trained on how to properly accommodate individuals with autism or sensory needs, as well as their families. Elmwood Park Zoo is also the first zoo in the nation to offer Dog Days that welcome dog owners to visit with their furry friends.

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State Rep. Shusterman touts Elmwood Park Zoo animal rescue efforts – Daily Local

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