Just Not Getting On | My Shetland

Just Not Getting On | My Shetland

A few years back, I bought a little camera……

…. and I’ve really tried to like it. I honestly did.

But I don’t.

Having said that, looking at these photos, I am not so sure.

Recently I have been taking this camera everywhere with me.

Some photos are better than others, I will admit.

And some are very meh!

I just don’t know.  One of the reasons is that I need to sit down and read plus understand the whole manual (snore Zzzzzz….. I have a very limited attention span – think goldfish).

And another reason, I am sure, is that this camera is very exact with its settings and I am used to my iPhone to think for me, or my big Darth Vader Canon camera which has a brain all of its own. I am a lazy photographer, I know that.

No poop. This is lovely.

My iPhone does this!

And this…… (which is slightly worrying)

….. or this.  So now I need to think.  I may be a while.  It will be me reading the ruddy manual.

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Just Not Getting On | My Shetland

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