Wet and Revolting | My Shetland

Wet and Revolting | My Shetland

The weather is pretty vile today.  Cold, wet and windy.

The old ladies had their buckets of chips, lard and éclairs – anything to keep the weight on.

Vitamin (known as Minnie-Moo) had already finished her’s and was just cleaning up.  She is tied to the fence so I can quickly rinse her mouth out (water – I take a small bottle down with me) and spray her hooves (ACV) before she runs away.

This diet seems to be working for Fivla and Vitamin and I am pleased as it means they can stay with their friends, who are not allowed anything fattening ever again.

The others get their scoopful of vitamins/minerals along with the slimming sludge (fast fibre and zero chaff).

The bowls were already wet as someone had been tipping them over (possible Tiddles and definitely Storm), so the food became sludge.

Wet sludge or not, it was quickly devoured.  Beggars can’t be choosers, I told them.

And then one by one, small horrible wet little ponies came to ask if there was any more?

It is lucky I don’t mind being dirty or wet.

Actually, I do.  Sorry guys.  I gathered my buckets and clambered over the fence.

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Wet and Revolting | My Shetland

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