Can Your Cat Be A Service Animal In Idaho?

First thing’s first: What even is a service animal? According to the ADA: …that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability.  The task(s) performed by the dog must be directly related to the person’s disability. Lots of folks have service dogs in Idaho, and we think that’s a […]

On Valentine’s Day, you can neuter a cat named after your ex

After years of the scorned and lovelorn turning old love letters into toilet paper or gleefully watching hungry meerkats gobble up cockroaches named for their exes, some pet shelters are taking Valentine’s Day revenge offerings to the next level. “Neuter your ex” campaigns popped up across the country this year, from Maryland to Michigan to […]

Animal charity reports Marktplaats for cat cruelty

February 8, 2024 Photo: Animal charity House of Animals has reported auction website Marktplaats to the police for facilitating animal suffering by allowing the sale of Scottish Fold cats on its platform. The cats’ take their name from an inherited anomaly of the cartilage in their ears which gives them a folded appearance. The […]

Richmond Animal Control rescues second obese cat and more Va. headlines

• Strong winds, thunderstorms, torrential rain and flooding swept through the state Tuesday, closing or delaying dozens of Virginia schools and prompting widespread power outages.—WTVR • The state could lose 60 of its 112 Community Health Workers by July 1, Virginia Department of Health documents show, once federal grants funding the grassroots positions dry up.—WMRA/VPM • “Virginia […]

Your Cat Would Like You to Pay Attention to Their Happiness

Can cats even be happy? And how do you know? Some tips to help please your feline. Photo: Christopher Schruff/Pexels By Zazie Todd PhD Stereotypes about cats can get in the way of looking after them. Most people think that cats are easy pets and that you don’t need to do much for them—but the […]

Berkeley Animal Center battles cat overpopulation with TNVR program

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) – The Berkeley Animal Center is within the second year of a program being used to advocate for community cats in the county area. It may be something you have seen before: large groups of cats gathered close to a restaurant, a business or a neighborhood. This is an issue the […]

China’s animal lovers fight illegal cat meat trade

An animal shelter in China’s Jiangsu province is home to scores of cats rescued from the country’s underground meat trade (Rita QIAN) When Han Jiali’s beloved cat Dabai was taken from her Shanghai home last year, she embarked on a hunt for her pet that took her deep into the bowels of China’s underground feline […]

Demystifying Cat Behavior on Happy Paws

I chatted with Mikkel Becker on the Happy Paws podcast. By Zazie Todd PhD This page contains affiliate links which means I may earn a commission on qualifying purchases at no cost to you. Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Mikkel Becker for the Happy Paws podcast at Fear Free. I think the […]

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