Audubon Little Explorers Play “Animal Hide and Seek” Saturday, April 8 | News, Sports, Jobs

Submitted Photo The 3 to 8-year-olds and their adults who come to Audubon Community Nature Center on Saturday, April 8, will become Little Explorers. They will play “Animal Hide and Seek,” learning how creatures like this grasshopper use camouflage to protect themselves. Three to 8 year olds and their favorite adults […]

Animal Place Welcomes two Interns from France!

At the end of February, we welcomed two new interns to the sanctuary. Lucie and Camille came from France and will stay with us for three months. They are volunteers with the Animal Care team and interns for the programs department.  We asked them to write an article to share a bit more about themselves […]

What Is Fish Farming? | Animal Equality

Fish farms have been described as “factory farms in water.” Around the world, tens of billions of fish are raised and slaughtered on these farms, but consumers are unaware of the conditions these animals endure during their lives. Fish farming, also known as aquaculture, is the fastest-growing animal agriculture industry in the United States. Within […]

Companion Animal Psychology Turns 11

The past year had highs and lows, but happy dogs and cats continue to be the theme as this blog celebrates 11 years. Photo: Lalandrew/Shutterstock By Zazie Todd PhD This page contains affiliate links which means I may earn a commission on qualifying purchases at no cost to you. Companion Animal Psychology is 11 years […]

Midland Animal Services launches ‘Rescue Runners’

Mercedes Cordero, Reporter-Telegram March 30, 2023 The City of Midland Animal Services is launching “Rescue Runners,” a new program that will volunteers to walk or run with shelter dogs.  SbytovaMN/Getty Images/iStockphoto The City of Midland Animal Services is launching a new program that will volunteers to walk or run with shelter dogs.  Rescue Runners is […]

Mammoth meatball? Cultured meat made with extinct animal DNA

CIA-funded In-Q-Tel backs biotech to resurrect woolly mammoth In-Q-Tel, a CIA-funded venture capital firm, listed Colossal Biosciences in its portfolio. Colossal has sought to de-extinct the woolly mammoth. Scott L. Hall, USA TODAY A cell-based meat company resurrected the extinct woolly mammoth – in the form of a lab-grown meatball.  The woolly mammoth was chosen […]

Animal Equality Demands An End to Cages for Animals Worldwide

Last week, Animal Equality gathered in Madrid, Spain, to conduct a demonstration in front of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food. As it launched its “No Animals in Cages” campaign, members and volunteers called on Minister Luis Planas to maintain his 2021 position to gradually transition to cage-free systems in Europe. The activists held signs […]

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