Coronation Street’s Jodie Prenger shares update after animal rescue and says ‘I’ll miss her’

Coronation Street star Jodie Prenger has offered an update after revealing her recent animal rescue. Fans of the actress and West End star will know that she’s a massive animal lover with her own crew of four-legged and feathered friends occupying her smallholding with businessman fiancé Simon Booth. Jodie revealed back in 2022 that at […]

How Los Angeles shelter animals are put on euthanasia list – NBC Los Angeles

The top official for the Los Angeles Animal Services explained Monday how certain animals are authorized to be euthanized under a new plan after a shelter employee was mauled by a pit bull mix at the Harbor Shelter in May. Staycee Dains, who was appointed as the LA Animal Services General Manager nearly a year […]

Breaking: We’re asking the SEC to investigate world’s largest meat company’s animal welfare promises

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block Today, we filed a complaint with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission against the largest meat and poultry company in the world, JBS and its subsidiary, Pilgrim’s Pride. Together with the Center for Biological Diversity, and in partnership with the Farmed Animal Advocacy Clinic at Vermont Law and Graduate […]

Hong Kong watchdog warns pet owners to be wary of animal boarding services

Hong Kong pet owners have been urged to conduct thorough checks before sending their animals to boarding services, with a survey finding half of such businesses will not assume legal liability or provide compensation for accidents. The city’s consumer watchdog also warned on Monday that while pet homestay services had become increasingly popular in recent […]

Baby’s Whirlwind Tour of Animal Exploitation

Image by Esperanza Doronila. The other day I rewatched Howard Hawk’s classic 1938 romantic comedy, Bringing Up Baby, for the first time in what was probably decades. Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant star as an eccentric heiress and straightlaced paleontologist who come into possession of a leopard. Apparently, the beloved film was a box-office bomb. […]

Ahmadiyya: Ahmadiyya’s Sacrificial Animal Detained in Pakistan | Chandigarh News

Amritsar: Ahead of the Eid festival, police in Pakistan not only detained an Ahmadi but also confiscated his sacrificial animal (goat), preventing him from performing ‘qurbani’ (sacrifice), as Ahmadis have been declared non-Muslims in Pakistan.An Ahmadi source in Pakistan said Qaiser Imran of Daska, was detained by police following a complaint that he had brought […]

Are animals conscious? Some scientists now think they are

Image source, Getty Images Are animals conscious? How new research is changing minds Article information Charles Darwin enjoys a near god-like status among scientists for his theory of evolution. But his ideas that animals are conscious in the same way humans are have long been shunned. Until now. “There is no fundamental difference between man […]

Limbs of newborn bitten by animal found in Goa

Update: 2024-06-16 11:14 IST Goa Police have registered an offence against unknown persons after limbs of a newborn bitten by animals were found in the North district, officials said. Police informed that the incident came to light on Saturday late evening, wherein limbs of a newborn were found near the sluice gate at Mandur-Dongri. Primary […]

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