Stray Animals: BJP Alleges Negligence of AAP-led MCD and Mayor Shelly Oberoi in Stray Animal Killing in Khanpur Ward of Delhi | Delhi News

New Delhi: Delhi BJP on Saturday alleged that the responsibility of a stray animal killing a man in Khanpur ward of the city lies on the negligence of the AAP-led Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) and mayor Shelly Oberoi because there was no action despite the issue being raised by BJP councillors before the incident.There […]

Homeless pet owners need better options to protect their animals •

A scoping review has brought to light five key ways in which the health of homeless pet owners and their animals can be significantly improved.  Despite the fact that around 10% of homeless individuals have pets, detailed information on how to effectively support their health has been scarce. These pets often serve as the sole […]

5 ways to defend animals during National Justice for Animals Week

This National Justice for Animals Week, show your support for farmed animals by taking these five simple actions. It’s that time of the year again! This week marks National Justice for Animals Week, an initiative by the Animal Legal Defense Fund which raises awareness about animal cruelty. Through this annual campaign, advocates are demanding stronger […]

Migrating animal species in trouble, says first ever UN report on migratory animals

File: Australia’s Christmas Island red crab migration underway The annual migration of millions of red crabs from the rainforests of Australia’s Christmas Island to the coast is underway. SAMARKAND, Uzbekistan – The first “State of the World’s Migratory Species” report by the United Nations found that one in five migratory animals face extinction. The report, […]

One-fifth of migratory animal species on brink of extinction: UN report

A new report released by the United Nations alarming trend that over 20% of the world’s migratory species are teetering on the brink of extinction. This stark warning comes as billions of animals undertake their annual epic journeys across various terrains and oceans to fulfill their life cycles of breeding and feeding. The comprehensive analysis, […]

Proposed monkey warehouse in Georgia would be a step backward for animals and science

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block A company called “Safer Human Medicine” is proposing to build a monkey breeding warehouse in the small town of Bainbridge, Georgia. At full capacity, the proposed facility, at a significant cost to taxpayers, would be the largest in the U.S., holding up to 30,000 long-tailed macaques bred for experiments. […]

Sugarcane-cutters kill leopard to make locket with animal’s nail

The Forest Department has on Friday an registered offence against four people for allegedly killing a female leopard in Wadgaon Shinde near Lohegaon in Pune. After the dissection of the dead leopard, it was seen that 3 toenails and claws of the leopard were cut with a sharp weapon. (HT PHOTO) {{^userSubscribed}} {{/userSubscribed}} {{^userSubscribed}} {{/userSubscribed}} […]

The wild animals who suffer because of animal agriculture

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block The Humane Society of the United States’ blog recently covered the benefits of reducing the consumption of animal products both for farmed animals and for the climate. But there are many other potential beneficiaries of a revamping of how animals are bred and farmed in various contexts, from ranches […]

Animals keep eating precious plants – we used ‘smell misinformation’ to keep them away

Sydney Sydney, Feb 4 (The Conversation) In places where we need to protect valuable plants – whether for ecological or economic reasons – local herbivores can cause significant damage. Current solutions often involve killing the problem animals. But this is increasingly unacceptable due to animal welfare concerns and social pressures. Physical barriers such as fences […]

Will Kabir Singh and Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal’s Ranvijay will come together in Animal Park

The handsome hunk of Bollywood, Shahid Kapoor, who is currently busy in the promotions of his upcoming rom-com, Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya, recently reacted when asked if there is a possibility of his character Kabir Singh and Animal‘s Ranvijay Singh starring Ranbir Kapoor together in Animal Park as a part of Sandeep Reddy […]

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