Animal Equality Demands An End to Cages for Animals Worldwide

Last week, Animal Equality gathered in Madrid, Spain, to conduct a demonstration in front of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food. As it launched its “No Animals in Cages” campaign, members and volunteers called on Minister Luis Planas to maintain his 2021 position to gradually transition to cage-free systems in Europe. The activists held signs […]

Celebrating the lawmakers who made 2022 a banner year for big cats and other animals

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block Last night at our Humane Awards event on Capitol Hill, we celebrated the work of lawmakers whose dedication to our cause made 2022 a banner congressional year for animals. In particular, we recognized the passage into law of the Big Cat Public Safety Act, and the lawmakers who led […]

11 Rare Animals That Live in Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave

↓ Continue Reading To See This Amazing Video Kentucky‘s Mammoth Cave is the world’s longest-known cave system. The vast underground cave and the surrounding area contain many unique animals and are one of the world’s natural wonders. The animals that live here include rare and endangered species that have adapted to the cave’s dark, damp, […]

No One Knows How the Biggest Animals on Earth–Baleen Whales–Find Their Food

When it’s time to eat, humpback whales head toward the ends of the earth. Their mission: feast until they are fat and happy. They must build up their energy reserves, packing on nearly a ton of blubber a week to sustain them on the voyage from their polar and subpolar feeding grounds to the balmy […]

Discover the 14 Official State Animals of North Carolina

↓ Continue Reading To See This Amazing Video Every state in the United States has official animal symbols, but North Carolina takes it to the next level. Legislators in the Tar Heel State have named 14 different animals as official state symbols. But in a state with such a wide array of fauna, why not […]

Suffering in silence: Caring for research animals can take a severe mental toll | Science

Conner Sessions’s decision to combine his love of science and animals nearly destroyed him. Growing up in rural Washington state, he spent his early life surrounded by cows, horses, cats, and dogs. He cared about all of them and considered a career in veterinary medicine. But after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from […]

Animal rights campaigners protest against the export of live animals

Animal welfare campaigners have taken their plea to end factory farming directly to Wellington’s MP Rebecca Pow. The group, called Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) parked their mobile digital billboard outside Ms Pow’s office before handing in a 27,000 strong petition. CIWF is a charity that lobbies to end the export of live animals, ban […]

Animal welfare advocates disappointed with ‘watered down’ testing transparency bill – The Virginian-Pilot

A bill intended to increase transparency at animal testing facilities is heading to the governor’s desk — but advocates say it’s been gutted almost past the point of recognition. “I am disappointed that it was so watered down,” said Sen. Jennifer Boysko, a Fairfax Democrat who introduced the measure. The legislation, co-sponsored by Franklin Republican […]

Singer turned pig rescuer makes home for animals ‘written off as just for food’ – The Irish Times

There are many hungry mouths to feed at the My Lovely Pig Rescue Shelter in Co Kildare. The animals get fed twice a day at 8.30am and 3.30pm. The pigs appear to have an inner clock or maybe it is just the rumbling in their stomachs. As the clock edges closer to the afternoon feed, […]

Wildlife trading treaty has been helping to save animals for 50 years

A family of mountain gorillas in the Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda Steph Baker/Fauna & Flora International Today is World Wildlife Day, an opportunity to celebrate the wondrous diversity of plants and animals on Earth. This day also marks the 50th anniversary of an international agreement between governments to ensure the trading of wild animals and […]

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