Arsenic Preserved the Animals, But Killed the Museum

Usually, you go to the zoo to look at live animals. But at the Great Plains Zoo in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, people also went to see the dead ones. The attraction, called the Delbridge Museum of Natural History, hosted one of the most impressive taxidermy collections in the country, with some 150 animals from […]

Animal dumping on the rise in rural parts of Middle TN, rescues say

SOUTHSIDE, Tenn. (WKRN) — More pet owners are abandoning their cats and dogs in Middle Tennessee, leaving them to fend for themselves, according to some animal rescues. Rescues in Montgomery County and Stewart County told News 2 they’ve noticed an uptick in pets being dumped by owners, mainly because the shelters are so full, they […]

Animals rescued after landlord cements front door of couple’s home

Animals trapped behind a cemented door which has seen their owners locked out of home have been rescued and rehomed. The couple were locked out of their home in Siġġiewi on September 14 after their landlord sealed the front door with bricks and cement following a rent dispute. Earlier that day, Jan Gerber and his […]

How an animal psychic helped find a missing dog

It was more in a spirit of desperation that I decided to contact an animal psychic after my friends’ terrier Lark disappeared. Lark vanished one evening from their house. She was chipped, and her collar had their number on it, but as the days went by no one called. Lark’s photo was put on Facebook and […]

Animals need humane-minded voters to act on their behalf. Register now.

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block In the U.S., today is National Voter Registration Day, which is a chance to recognize and celebrate the potential of our collective role and influence as voters. Now more than ever, our nation needs compassionate, courageous legislators to act in support of animals and to defend against the many […]

EU Commission Falls Short on Commitment to Protect Animals

As the President laid out the Commission’s goals, critics noted that the government body had promised to review animal protection laws by the third quarter of 2023. Not only did they fail to discuss their plans to do so, but animal welfare issues were not mentioned in the agenda for 2024.  European Commission President Ursula […]

Leaving a Legacy for the Animals

Have you ever considered leaving a legacy for the animals? Choosing to include Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary in your will can create lasting change for rescued native and farm animals for many years to come.  Your contribution, no matter how big or small, will help save lives.   Making a bequest is an important decision and […]

Remember Me Thursday to honor lost animals

Jennifer Atkins Brown EDEN — One thousand three hundred sixty-six (1,366). That is the number of shelter dogs and cats that had to be euthanized in Rockingham County in 2022. Friends of Eden Animal Rescue will recognize Remember Me Thursday and light luminaries in honor of these animals at 6 p.m. September 28 at Grogan […]

PMC to start helpline for emergency treatment of injured, ailing stray animals

Pune: In a first-of-its-kind initiative, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) will start a helpline to provide emergency medical care to stray dogs, cats and small animals. The civic body receives 15 to 20 complaints daily about injured and ailing stray animals. However, the civic body currently lacks its own hospital, making it difficult to treat […]

Woman convicted of animal ill-treatment in Aus faces NZ charges

An animal breeder who changed her name and moved to New Zealand after being convicted of animal abuse in Australia is now being charged with abuse once again. The SPCA has confirmed it has filed 18 charges under the Animal Welfare Act against Lena Duncan for the alleged mistreatment of more than a dozen horses. […]

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