Initiative to Protect Farmed Animals in Colima, Mexico is Approved

An initiative to protect farmed animals in Colima, Mexico has unanimously passed in the state’s Congress. The legislation was presented by Deputy Alfredo Álvarez Ramírez and 11 members of the parliamentary group, who sought to reform the Animal Protection Law of Colima to include farmed animals. With the passing of the initiative, Colima becomes the […]

131 wild animals dead, 97 rescued in Kaziranga National Park

Guwahati: At least 131 wild animals have died so far in floods in the Kaziranga National Park while 96 others have been rescued, an official said on Monday. The dead animals include six rhinos, 117 hog deer, including 98 by drowning, two by vehicle hits and 17 during treatment, two sambar, a rhesus macaque and […]

Will AI Soon Help Animals Talk To Us?

Veterinary surgeon Jess French recently told the BBC that soon it might be possible to train AI to understand animal communication better than we humans can, by making thousands of data points and hours of footage of animal interactions available to AI systems. The author of Beastlands (2024) and other animal-themed children’s books was speaking […]

Delhi Zoo implements ayurvedic methods to safeguard animals during monsoon, ET HealthWorld

New Delhi: Delhi Zoo authorities are using ayurvedic methods, including neem oil, turmeric and quicklime, to keep the animals healthy and free from bacterial and viral infections during the rainy season. As the monsoon season sets in, Delhi Zoo is taking innovative steps to ensure the health and safety of its animals by incorporating traditional […]

Fourth of July Fireworks Can Terrify Animals. Here’s How to Help.

Fireworks displays have long been associated with celebratory moments. But as you enjoy all those pops and bangs, have you ever considered what impact Fourth of July fireworks have on the many animals in the surrounding environment? Year after year, advocates for wild and domesticated animals implore the public to take precautions, while pushing organizers […]

Some progress for protecting animals on Alaska’s national preserves—but not nearly enough

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block The U.S. National Park Service has finalized a rule that bans using bait such as piles of donuts, dog food and meat scraps to attract and subsequently kill brown and black bears on Alaska’s national preserves. While we are pleased the Park Service has recognized the inherent danger and […]

Scientists express worry over consumption of beached, dead sea animals

On Wednesday, June 19, a video was posted on X (formerly Twitter) showing residents of Okpoama, a coastal community in Bayelsa State’s Brass Local Government Area, gathered around a whale carcass found on their shores. In the video which was seen by our correspondent, no fewer than 25 people were armed with what looked like […]

In a win for animals, U.S. Supreme Court leaves Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act intact

By Kitty Block and Sara Amundson Earlier this week, the Supreme Court of the United States declined to review a challenge to the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act, which was signed into law in 2020 in an effort to better ensure the safety of horses used in racing in the U.S. Prior to the passage […]

For their best chance of survival, leave baby animals in the wild

It is natural for humans to want to want to help a newborn animal in the wild when it appears to be abandoned or distressed. But, as Yellowstone Public Radio’s Orlinda Worthington reports, wildlife care for their young much differently than humans, and reaching out to help could actually put them in harm. It’s tempting […]

Pet & Feed the Animals at Bali Farm House

A new animal attraction in North Bali offers alternative locations beyond the several zoos and animal parks currently operating on the island’s south.  As reported by, Pancasari Village in Buleleleng Regency, North Bali, is now home to the charmingly beautiful and educational Bali Farm House, where visiting guests and families can experience agricultural production […]

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