Richmond Animal Control rescues second obese cat and more Va. headlines

• Strong winds, thunderstorms, torrential rain and flooding swept through the state Tuesday, closing or delaying dozens of Virginia schools and prompting widespread power outages.—WTVR • The state could lose 60 of its 112 Community Health Workers by July 1, Virginia Department of Health documents show, once federal grants funding the grassroots positions dry up.—WMRA/VPM • “Virginia […]

Top 13 animal stories that made headlines in British Columbia

From people getting too close to animals, to a goat moving into a family’s home and an epic ocean battle, there were plenty of animal stories in B.C. this year. This year’s top animal stories left us astonished, amused, and sometimes scratching our heads. We’ve compiled a list of extraordinary encounters, unexpected guests, and jaw-dropping […]

Rochdale News | News Headlines | Pennine Animal Welfare Society needs to find new home or risk closing

The Pennine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) – which helps animals from Rochdale to Halifax – is looking to find a new home for its animal sanctuary facing imminent closure. PAWS, which is currently based in Todmorden and rehomes animals around the local area, including in the Rochdale borough, has been trying to relocate for nearly two years. Now […]

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