Find time this summer to volunteer at a local animal shelter | Entertainment/Life

As the volunteer manager for Animal Rescue New Orleans, just last week I was getting dozens of emails a day from students trying to get those last-minute service hours in. This week, my inbox sits empty. The dog days of summer are upon us, but the animals still need care every day. With the school […]

68 pets find forever homes during IACS event

IACS Deputy Director Katie Trennepohl said the shelter still has more than 90 animals up for adoption, all hoping to find a home before the holidays. INDIANAPOLIS — Just two weeks ago, Indianapolis Animal Care Services posted to Facebook pleading for adoptions, calling the overcrowding situation at the shelter “dire.” But thanks to a weekend adoption […]

Rochdale News | News Headlines | Pennine Animal Welfare Society needs to find new home or risk closing

The Pennine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) – which helps animals from Rochdale to Halifax – is looking to find a new home for its animal sanctuary facing imminent closure. PAWS, which is currently based in Todmorden and rehomes animals around the local area, including in the Rochdale borough, has been trying to relocate for nearly two years. Now […]

Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control grants girl first ever LA unicorn license if she can find one

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control has issued its first ever unicorn license. Madeline, a 6-year-old, wrote a letter to the department requesting official approval for her to own a unicorn — if she could find one. In a handwritten letter posted to the department’s Facebook page, she […]

Commuters Surprised To Find Lost Little Animal Wandering Around Train Station

When lost in a busy railway station, it’s best to consult a map or ask for directions. But when you’re a small wild animal, finding your way home isn’t that simple. Recently, commuters in Adelaide, Australia, were perplexed when they spotted an echidna bumbling along the platform as if going about her evening commute. Railway […]

How to find the elusive animals | News, Sports, Jobs

Photo by Jeff Tome A river otter is pictured. There are plenty of animals I have never seen in real life, including many that call Western New York home. In most cases, I am absolutely fine with this. Life goes on and if I ever happen to come across a new […]

Detroit Pistons, Animal Care and Control hosting event to help dogs find homes

DETROIT (WXYZ) — The Detroit Pistons are teaming up with Detroit Animal Care and Control for National Fetch Day this Saturday in hopes of helping dogs in need find forever homes. Detroit Animal Care and Control is at full capacity right now, with 50 to 60 stray dogs coming in each week. Sadly, most of them are […]

Fish GPS? Scientists find goldfish go farther next to certain stripes | Animal behaviour

Goldfish may spend most of their time swimming up and down a glass tank but researchers have found they have a sophisticated navigation system that allows them to estimate distance. While researchers have previously shown a wide array of fish can navigate efficiently, questions remained about the mechanisms involved. Understanding those, scientists say, could help […]

Where Can I Find Hyena For Sale?

How to find hyenas for sale? first, you should know more about hyena, which is also spelled hyaena, which is any of three species of coarse-furred, doglike carnivores found in Asia and Africa and noted for their scavenging habits. Hyenas have long forelegs and a powerful neck and shoulders for dismembering and carrying prey. Hyenas […]

Jelly You’d Never Find in the Fridge

They aren’t fish, so their name has been changed… …to Sea Jellies Which I like better than their old name… Jellyfish. A sea jelly is made of the top part, called the umbrella, and the bottom part, called the bell. Many live upside down, looking like plants on the ocean floor. But there is so much amazing beauty […]

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