Rochdale News | News Headlines | Pennine Animal Welfare Society needs to find new home or risk closing

Rochdale News | News Headlines | Pennine Animal Welfare Society needs to find new home or risk closing

The Pennine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) – which helps animals from Rochdale to Halifax – is looking to find a new home for its animal sanctuary facing imminent closure.

PAWS, which is currently based in Todmorden and rehomes animals around the local area, including in the Rochdale borough, has been trying to relocate for nearly two years.

Now their lease has officially ended and the charity still doesn’t have anywhere to go.

The sanctuary started a crowdfunding appeal with a target of £300K which would be enough to secure a permanent home but they only have four weeks to get there or face being closed down.



On their website, they said: “Our landlord refuses to budge so we have to face a judge in January 2023. If we don’t find a new premises by then we’re going to be forced to close down. We need to raise £300K in order to secure our forever home, so we can continue helping vulnerable and abandoned animals.

“We receive no official funding and a reliant on the generosity of our supporters. If you can help with funding, donations or have land and building(s) then please get in touch immediately. We would consider a lease of 10 years or more but our ideal outcome would be a permanent site we could make out our own and improve the facilities for the animals in our care.”

Chair of Trustees Michele Way said the charity is open to options in a 15-mile radius from Todmorden centre, from Rochdale and Oldham to Burnely and Halifax.


PAWS volunteer Helen and Charlie 


She said: “We are looking for anywhere between Burnley to Halifax and down to Rochdale/Oldham as that is the area we cover in terms of rehoming (taking in unwanted pets).  We adopt across this area too but sometimes beyond depending on enquiries.

“We are desperately trying to find a new home as we are quickly running out of time to move somewhere.  We have raised nearly £30,000 but have had to use some of it to pay for current overheads.  We now have £27,000 but we are far short of the amount we need to buy somewhere to ensure we have security for the long-term.

“We need to find 3-5 acres with a building (barn or stables, derelict or otherwise) which has good vehicular access, fairly flat, utilities like water and electricity would be great but we can put these in if needs be, no nearby neighbours because we have dogs that bark at times.”


PAWS helps run the annual Wardle Village Fete and Dog Show alongside Craft Cottage, a Wardle-based business, and this year held a dog show in Heywood’s Queen Park.

Michele added: “We have certainly supported the Rochdale area providing the food bank with several deliveries of a car full of cat and dog food for people in need.  We attended the Springhill Hospice Christmas Fair the other week and have a good network of supporters within the town of Rochdale and surrounding areas.”

They’ve provided a breakdown of why they’re asking for their set amount:

  • Legal Fees: £10,000
  • Bills (electric): £5,000
  • Vet Bills: £6,000
  • Planning: £20,000
  • Land purchase price: £150,000- £200,000
  • Moving costs: £15,000
  • Build out: £75,000-£100,000
  • Electricity over the winter: £5,000-£10,000



Pennine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) was established in 2007 and since then, they’ve rescued and rehomed over 1500 animals. They offer pets, mainly cats and dogs, a second chance to live a happy life with a new family.

You can donate here on their website:


Rochdale News | News Headlines | Pennine Animal Welfare Society needs to find new home or risk closing

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