Bigger Field | My Shetland

Bigger Field | My Shetland

A lovely, if fresh, morning.

I decided to take down the electric fence that divided the field. It served no purpose anymore.

The chaps were busy but Newt spotted me and walked over to see what I was doing.

He likes to “help”.

“Just the say the word”, he said so I did – Go away, please and touch nothing.

Note Waffle wandering over, in the background.

I got on with the task of undoing all the electric fence wire from the posts, rolling it up onto a very useful spindle thing and then pulling up the posts, putting them into groups of five to collect afterwards with my wheelbarrow.

“And thank you Waffle”, I shouted after him!  That was definitely Waffle. I saw him.

Now the ponies will have access to fresh water where there is a small stream.  And, yes, I will still go on lugging buckets for them in case they never learn!

Anywho, I managed to get my wheelbarrow, now full of fence posts (bagged) and the wire, through the gate without letting anyone escape.

They all wanted out.  They had spent last night in their huge field with the little shed, that I am saving, as the weather was so vile.

I don’t know why they grumble so much in this field. It is not that bad.  It was like herding cats trying to get them all back in this morning!

They all, to a horse or pony, want to go down to this field which has not been touched for months and is full of grass.  No chance. I am saving that for later when winter is at it’s worst and we will need it.

I think I will sleep well tonight.

Bigger Field | My Shetland

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