What to do? (again!) | My Shetland

What to do? (again!) | My Shetland

So…. what to do?

The boys want out… mostly Waffle, Tiddles and Storm who are now looking pretty much ok.

Tiddles is walking so much better – remember, he had a rotating hoof capsule (farrier diagnosis) after laminitis  last year.

And then Storm was walking badly, all pottery – early laminitis?

As was Waffle…. again very pottery.

And then Albie was beyond ghastly – ready to die – but now doing so much better but definitely out of the woods.

The thing is, Albie is being picked on especially by Tiddles who is fed up and looking for a fight. We have had words about this attitude.

But, they must stay in for at least one month….. Poor Albie.  I don’t know what to do. I feel sorry for him but it is far too early (lulled into false sense of security, I know) to let them out.

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What to do? (again!) | My Shetland

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