Bindi Irwin’s Daughter Grace Brings an Animal Block on Family Trip – SheKnows

Bindi Irwin’s Daughter Grace Brings an Animal Block on Family Trip – SheKnows

There are a few undisputed facts in this world. 1: Toddlers will carry around their favorite toy everywhere. 2: Nobody knows animals like the Irwins. And 3: Every video of 18-month-old Grace Warrior is the new cutest video we’ve ever seen. In this latest adventure, Bindi Irwin, her mom Terri, her brother Robert, and her husband Chandler Powell, and their daughter Grace go on a weekend getaway together — and Grace brings a beloved toy. The whole thing is absolutely on-brand for the Australia Zoo conservationist family.

“Our little Queensland family getaway, ” Bindi captioned the sweet video on Monday. It starts in selfie mode, as Grace with her beautiful curly hair snuggles into her mom’s next. Terri and Robert are in the background, and Robert asks his sister, “Is this a video?” Then answers himself: “Oh, it’s a video. Hello.”

“Hello! We are having fun,” Terri says with a smile, and Robert echoes, “We are having fun. Fun is what we’re having.”

At this point, Grace moves from her mom’s neck, and we can see what it is she was actually hugging — a small wooden block. On one side, it has a tiny, engraved platypus that she is looking at, which is so cute!

“What do you think, Grace?” Bindi asks.

The little girl’s hair is messed up and she answers by cutely sticking out her tongue and pointing at the camera. Now you can see the other side of the block, where a panda bear is drawn in a tree. It’s such a classically Irwin move for that to be her favorite toy. If you can’t be around real animals, an animal-print block is the next best thing, obviously! The late Steve Irwin would have loved that.

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Later in the video, Powell walks with Grace in a field. In another shot, her back is to Bindi, and Bindi asks, “Can I see?” Grace turns and hands her mom a little yellow flower, which is so, so sweet. “Aww pretty! Thank you,” Bindi responds.

At another point, Robert plays with angles, showcasing Bindi looking short — “Small Bindi,” he jokes — and him looking super tall — “Giant Robert!” Ah, little brothers. Gotta love ’em, though!

Finally, Grace gets to see a real animal! She’s outside holding a stick that’s taller than her (and another block!) when a chicken walks by. “Grace look!” Bindi says, and Grace turns to stare as the chicken walks by.

The Crikey! It’s the Irwins stars also see reptiles, bees, and gorgeous flowers during their outdoor adventure.

At the end of the video, Bindi asks Grace, “What does an elephant say?” to which she replies with the cutest animal sound. She’s a pro!

People were loving this video. One person commented, “Cheers to family time and the glorious surroundings.”

“So sweet. I love how we can feel the love your family has for each other,” another noted.

The family is also so supportive of each other. Earlier this month, Bindi told PEOPLE, Grace already has such a strong and independent personality. My hope is that she feels supported to undertake and accomplish anything she sets her mind to.”

Although, it wouldn’t be surprising if she decided to do something with animals when she gets older, as she already loves them so much now. Maybe she could be an animal impersonator — we could listen to her make those precious sounds all day!

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Bindi Irwin’s Daughter Grace Brings an Animal Block on Family Trip – SheKnows

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