A Chance to Stop Rodeo Suffering


When she enters the arena, she circles the outskirts in an attempt to escape. The black Angus cow is already confused and exhausted. It’s a hot and dusty day. The crowd’s cheers are deafening to her sensitive ears. She’s never left the ranch she was born on, and she’s suddenly all alone in the wide open. Then the cowboy on horseback enters. She picks up the pace as she realizes he’s chasing her. Humans rarely try to handle her at home. What’s going on?


That’s when the rope is thrown around her neck. She skids to an abrupt stop. As the noose tightens around her throat, she calls out in pain and fear. Her terror escalates to unimaginable levels. She begins to open-mouth pant, something cows only do under extreme stress. Suddenly, she collapses. Instead of being helped to her feet, she’s put in a headlock position.


But this cow has some fight left in her. She rises to her feet and begins to backpedal, spin and buck. She tosses her head in violent anger. The crowd only cheers louder. Can they not see her suffering? This isn’t a fair fight. She’s outnumbered. And she’s going to lose.


This isn’t a made-up or exaggerated scenario. This is a description of a real video from the Rowell Ranch Rodeo in May of 2022.


The event described is called “wild cow milking”. It’s as unnecessary as it sounds. And it’s all in the name of fun and entertainment for the humans watching.


Now is the time to take action to end this atrocious cruelty. 


Amendments have been proposed to the Alameda County Rodeo Ordinance to shut down rodeo cruelty. The proposed amendments would end the wild cow milking event, as well as ban tie-down calf roping and prohibit the use of flank straps and spurs in rodeos. We only have until September 20th to make our voices heard! 


Join us in calling on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors to support the proposed amendments. We’ve put together a sample email that will make it easy for you to speak out. Click here to learn more and send your email now. Don’t hesitate. 


These animals need us now more than ever before!



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A Chance to Stop Rodeo Suffering

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