I Spy Animals: Creatures Perfect for Halloween

I Spy Animals: Creatures Perfect for Halloween

Hard to believe there’s a bat actually perfectly colored for Halloween? Yep, there is.
Above is the Painted bat from Thailand. Amazing.

Orange and black,

or scary, 

or both…

the following creatures look designed for Halloween!

Check out what I mean…

Awwww, a black and orange kitty. It’s easy to see that this cat is just cute and Halloween colored.

A werewolf?  

Nah, just a Brown Hyena. 

He’s spooky-looking all puffed up like that,

This next creature lives in caves; it’s the Spotted Tail Cave salamander. It’s a little slimy, but safe. So feel free to get close next time you’re deep underground.  🙂

This is a pretty little frog, but don’t touch him.

He’s a Poison Dart frog!

His venom makes him one of the most deadly creatures in the world. So he’s halloween colored, but also scary…

Not another werewolf?

Nope, though he looks scary, the Maned wolf is so shy that even other Maned wolves make him uneasy!  

You can learn more about the Maned wolf here; When You Look Like a Werewolf

And this is one of my favorite reptiles, a large desert lizard with a very cool name…the Gila Monster! 

Why monster? 

Well, he’s poisonous. But so slow that he’s little danger to humans.

So the Gila Monster is…

Beautiful and strikingly orange and black! This is the Scarlett-Headed Blackbird.

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I Spy Animals: Creatures Perfect for Halloween

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