Daily Snooze | My Shetland

Daily Snooze | My Shetland

When I came home from the dog-walk this morning, I saw these two in the distance – like two rather strange Shetland plants.

It was rough night, last night and I know everyone had an exhausting time with the  high winds and torrential downpours – and, yes, I lay awake all night worrying.

So I understood if a lie-down was needed afterwards.

Kolka was standing guard at a distance. I think she was leaving the two old men to the Shetland tigers. Her theory was that she would protect herself first and the tigers would be too full to bother with her.  Fair enough. She has a point. I can’t blame her.

I am trying not to think “whale” when I see this bottom.

Obviously I had brought a pocketful of treats so I distributed fairly – two for Kolka, two for Iacs and three of Haakon, because I love him most.

And any leftover crumbs for Bibble, obviously, because that’s just the way it is.


Dear old folk.

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Daily Snooze | My Shetland

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