Get On With It! | My Shetland

Get On With It! | My Shetland

Yesterday evening, having spoken to Daisy (my non-resident expert), I decided to change over my feeding regime for the Old Folk to the small hole haynets.

Iacs refused to talk to me.

In his opinion, this was a terrible decision and one that should never have happened. I told him to “get on with it”.

Kolka was not a huge fan either.  Food comes in huge lumps as far as she is concerned.  She is quite arsey so I am back.  We are working on our truce.

This morning, I found the small-hole haynets empty and no one starving so, after the daily bucket, I refilled them and told everyone to “get on with it”.

They did, albeit grudgingly – note, Iacs’ face!

Snow, snow and more snow all day and night.

They are moving around.

A blizzard this afternoon and I put out the soaked fibre block with secret carrots and another batch of haynets.

Haakon and Iacs did some begging at the fence and I duly did some ignoring.

And, yes, I shouted “get on with it”.

Haakon retaliated by sticking his tongue out!

And I left them all getting on with it.  I tell myself although the weather is harsh, no one is exactly thin.

Get On With It! | My Shetland

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