Queen of Sheep | My Shetland

Queen of Sheep | My Shetland

Yesterday afternoon, we found Lambie on his own sitting by Klængur’s grave which totally cut me up and I could barely go there.  But we had to see why Lambie was there on his own, which is normally very unusual.  Lambie ran across the field, passed me, to tell Daisy how much he missed her.

I felt very ignored and a bit bleak (I’m not going to lie).

Oh, fer cryin’ out loud, Lambie.

So Daisy led Lambie away and now he follows Daisy everywhere like a devoted woolly slave.

Can I get Lambie to even acknowledge my presence? – only on my birthday!

Devoted woolly slave.  Meh!

The words “chopped liver” spring to mind.

And then, of course, ‘Bert saw Daisy.

So all the boys wanted a hug.  The girls were the otherside of the burn eating (better things to do than be hugged).

I am not jealous. I am not jealous…… (repeat ad nauseam).  Yes, I am jealous.

Daisy can enjoy her title of “Queen of Sheep”.

Aww, ‘Bert – he does adore her.

And Harrel-the-Barrel tried to eat the toggles on her coat.  *** sigh, oh Harrel ***.  Happy to let the side down.

Queen of Sheep | My Shetland

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