Our Dairy Still Kills Day of Action has a BIG impact for calves – Hope Wetherall, Campaigns Volunteer

Our Dairy Still Kills Day of Action has a BIG impact for calves – Hope Wetherall, Campaigns Volunteer

It’s been an action-packed weekend for activists!

Firstly, a massive thank you to the dedicated animal rights groups and everyone who took part in our #DairyStillKills National Day of Action on Saturday, as well as countless individuals door-dropping flyers this weekend. Let’s not forget those who shared our shocking investigations on social media and donated to fund further undercover work. Your dedication has helped expose disturbing truths, bringing us closer to ending this gruesome industry.

Activists spoke up for cows and calves in an incredible 20 locations across England and Scotland!

On Saturday 14th May, activists worked tirelessly to change the misconception that dairy is cruelty-free. The brilliant outreach events encouraged thousands of consumers to engage in important conversations about what really happens to animals in the dairy industry. Prior to the Day of Action, lots of people we spoke to were unaware about the integration of the dairy and beef industry, in particular, as well as the slaughter of calves inside British abattoirs.

People are becoming increasingly aware of the trauma that male dairy calves go through when they’re stolen from their mothers. They’re aware of the stress they experience when traded in noisy markets, transported to rearing and fattening units and killed for ‘meat’ while they’re still babies. This outreach showed people that Dairy Still Kills! Armed with this knowledge, they’re now able to make the kinder choices and be vegan.

Over 13,000 flyers and 5,000 factsheets were handed out, and 182 Dairy Still Kills posters were displayed on the streets!

This included our #Expired factsheet and a new mini dairy factsheet. Amongst other heartbreaking dairy facts, these tell consumers about the 65,000 male calves killed in UK slaughterhouses in 2020, and the further 28,000 who met the same fate in 2021. Thanks to our Day of Action, consumers across the UK have read this and learned that there are more compassionate alternatives.

After tasting delicious dairy-free samples, consumers also found out how easy and tasty it can be to be vegan. Members of the public were left with no excuses to make cruel food choices after being given vegan chocolates, cheeses and plant milks provided by generous activists. This included vegetarians who decided to make that final step into veganism!

The #DairyStillKills Day of Action also made the news! 

The Daily Echo – a major news outlet – exposed over 150,000 Facebook followers to the Dairy Still Kills campaign. An interview from our Southampton event encouraged readers to our watch our undercover investigation, including the first ever footage capturing slaughter of male dairy calves. Why not spread the word further by sharing our Dairy Still Kills investigation with friends and family?

Animal Justice Project would like to say a special ‘thank you’ to each of the grassroots, local animal rights groups which helped us make this huge National Day of Action a reality!

In England: Bedfordshire Cow Save, Blackpool We Stand for the Animals, Safe Passage for Wildlife, Bourne Vegan, Brighton Animal Rights, Pennine Animal Liberation, Colchester Animal Rights Activism, Leicester Animal Rights, Lincoln Animal Rights, London Animal Rights Activism, Milton Keynes Vegan Outreach, North East Animal Rights, Oxford Vegan Action, Portsmouth Animal Liberation, Southampton Vegan Action, Salisbury Animal Activism, Stoke-on-Trent Animal Rights and Wiltshire Animal Vigils.

In Scotland: Animal Liberation Scotland and Vegan Outreach Scotland.

 Thank you!

If you couldn’t make it to an event, there’s still a chance to get involved!

Order our Dairy Still Kills flyers to door-drop in your spare time.

Show consumers what really goes on at the horrendous Oaklands Livestock Centre, owned by renowned calf dealer, Derek Whittall, as well as G. & G. B. Hewitt slaughterhouse. These flyers will make consumers reconsider buying that bottle of cow’s milk in the supermarket!

You could even display our posters or stickers in your window…

Together we can take on the cruel dairy industry.

Help us fund further undercover investigations exposing the systematic abuse inflicted onto farmed animals across the UK, and equip activists with resources to educate consumers about this violence.  

No animal deserves to go through the suffering calves are put through in the dairy industry. Together, we can move closer towards a world where sentient beings are shown compassion and respect.

Whether you took part in our Day of Action, put Dairy Still Kills flyers through letterboxes, or shared our campaign online – thank you for speaking up for these babies. They need you to tell their stories.If you share our vision of a world where every being is free, please continue your support of our investigations and campaigns. Your help is greatly appreciated and is already making a huge difference.

As always,

For the animals.

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Our Dairy Still Kills Day of Action has a BIG impact for calves – Hope Wetherall, Campaigns Volunteer

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