This is the face of …..

This is the face of …..

This is the face of the utter gem (aka Bibble) who is happy to have his bottom washed daily and even volunteers.  Sweet boy.

(there may be a calorific incentive involved, though, and he may know that but I don’t care – family motto – “whatever it takes”).

And this is the face of the hairiest fairiest about to go and have his cut n’ blow dry this afternoon.

And now a vision afterwards. According to my dog groomer, he was a good boy and so I forgive him biting my ankles when we were leaving the house to set off.

And this is the face (and possibly body) of a large white cat who rolled around in the dirt like a chicken having a dust bath and is now less than white.

Isn’t he revolting?

I was shocked. I have never seen Monster not bother to wash himself.  This is the dirtiest I have ever seen him. Has he no pride in his appearance?  Scruffy little Herbert.  And now, 24 hours later, he is gleaming again.

And these are the faces of my dearest oldies who were all snoozing when I came across them during my dog/cat walk.


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This is the face of …..

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