‘It’s a crisis’ – animal org ‘drowning’ in horses

'It's a crisis' – animal org 'drowning' in horses

One animal agency is pleading for help as they deal with a non-stop demand to rehome animals, especially horses.

Helping You Help Animals (HUHA) currently has 36 horses needing a new paddock, with another 60 on the waitlist. That’s not including the 50 dogs, 40 cats and 30 pigs, adding to a total of 500 animals needing a new home.

HUHA’s Carolyn Press-McKenzie said they’re running out of space and money to help.

“We’re really noticing a difference since the climate change effect. Weather events are meaning people’s land doesn’t have the capacity to hold the animals the way it used to. Also, people aren’t financially able to care for animals the way they used to.”

These climate events have been a big focus for the charitable trust this year, helping to shelter animals and rebuild people’s properties as pet-safe after Cyclone Gabrielle tore through the North Island.

These additional pressures have come with a big cost for the business, with HUHA currently losing $30,000 every month.

“We’ve always had NZ wrap around us and we’ve always felt safe. But right now we do feel vulnerable. And it’s getting really scary.”

Press-McKenzie says there are various ways people can help, including donations and sponsorship, but also limiting breeding.

“There’s too many animals with nowhere to go. It’s a crisis.”

If you want to help or adopt an animal, you can go to HUHA’s website here.

‘It’s a crisis’ – animal org ‘drowning’ in horses

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