For horses in the Kentucky Derby, change can’t come soon enough

By Keith Dane For years, we’ve fought to bring greater protection for racehorses, and recently we’ve helped to secure major wins on their behalf, such as ensuring the passage and implementation of the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act. This bill, which became law in 2020, involved a good deal of effort and extended negotiations with […]

Wordless Wednesday #370 – Horses of This Old Horse

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Burke County staff seeking help to rehabilitate neglected animals

MORGANTON, N.C. (WBTV) -Burke County Animal Services is asking for donations and volunteers to help after the organization took in nearly 90 animals that were involved in a neglect and cruelty case. Kaitlin Settlemyre, the director of Burke County Animal Services, said the former owner of the animals, 54-year-old Julie Sherrill, has been on the […]

Animal Equality Finds US Horses Awaiting Slaughter in Mexico

In a new two-part investigation by Animal Equality, investigators film proof of American horses being held at a slaughterhouse in Zacatecas, Mexico. A secondary investigation reveals the slaughter of horses in Mexico for the first time. This investigation comes a month after Animal Equality released an international campaign to end horse slaughter. Nearly 100,000 supporters […]

3 Actions to Help End Horse Slaughter on Voices for Horses Day

November 16th is Voices for Horses Day and we need your help in taking critical actions for American horses being killed for meat. This cruelty must end now! Every year, over 30,000 horses are sent by the US to Mexico and Canada for slaughter. They are crammed onto transport trucks without food or water for […]

As the House votes to stop soring of horses, it’s PAST time

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block On the House floor Monday night, the House of Representatives voted 304 to 111 to pass the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act into law. With just a few weeks remaining in the 117th Congress, getting a vote in the Senate will take some effort. But with this resounding […]

Wild horses from Mesa Verde National Park arrive at New Mexico Animal Shelter

COUNSELOR, N.M. – Last month, a band of wild horses were captured at Mesa Verde National Park. They were roaming around the park, and searching for water. “Some of these horses had learned to break into the ice machine at the park to get water, and they did find one of them in the bathroom […]

Can Horses Swim ? – Animals Home

Swimming comes naturally to horses. But they are like humans, some like to swim and others don’t. Not wanting to swim originates in fear and can be overcome with proper training and patience. Swimming is an excellent way to rehabilitate horses with leg injuries Do Horses Like To Swim In Water? The majority of horses enjoy […]

The Tiniest Horses in the World

They’re very hard to spot because:-they blend in with the coral– and they’re smallThey are as small as your fingernail. So you swim by, never seeing the little gems that clutch the coral…They are Pygmy seahorses! How many times did I miss them in my dives around Bonaire and Tahiti?  Could there have been dozens of […]

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