New Arrival – Radar the Baby Goat

New Arrival – Radar the Baby Goat


Last week we were contacted
regarding a one week old boar goat kid who was booked for euthanasia due to
chronic eye infections since birth. We were fortunate his owners agreed to
surrender Radar to the Sanctuary, and the tiny bleating bundle was soon on his
way for emergency veterinary assistance. 


Upon assessment, one of Radar’s eyes
had sadly collapsed and required urgent removal. The other was closed shut, but
intact, and we decided to treat the eye intensively in the hope Radar may one
day regain some sight. 



Radar required a night in clinic following his eye
removal. He was very difficult to feed, having had his mum up until his
surgery, and a bottle was not familiar at all. He was loud, he wanted to
scratch at his stitches, and he was not impressed with the big plastic collar
around his neck to prevent him rubbing his face. It was apparent the little
patient needed company at all times to keep him calm and rested, and the voli
team were happy to help to comfort the new arrival. 




Once his collar could be
removed, Radar was buddied up with some new pals – Snowy and Maple – who he
could snuggle and play with. Radar has a long recovery ahead, but we are
working hard to restore sight in his one remaining eye. He is gradually
learning to suckle and it’s wonderful to see his confidence growing with his
new Sanctuary family! 




New Arrival – Radar the Baby Goat

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