Slightly Duck Obsessed | My Shetland

Slightly Duck Obsessed | My Shetland

Yesterday I decided that the time had come to move Mrs Ducky #2 and her one duckling so they could feel grass under their webbed feet.  Little duckling was obviously bored in the shed and needed to learn about the Big Outdoors, albeit in the safety of a duck-run.

I got everything ready first, making them some shelter so they could have a little bedroom and a swimming pool too.

Obviously they weren’t easy to catch, but OH wearing gauntlets (I jest you not) grabbed Mummy duck while I faffed around trying to catch the little-one. We walked sedately to their new home and left them to settle in.

Over night, I sort of shut up their wee green box house (I put the top flap down and worried all night).  It was the best I could bodge.

The other “nursery” run is going well too. The three ducklings (names = Eins, Zwei, Drei) are all fine.

They are beginning to get their feathers now and I am sort of thinking about letting them out.  I can’t make up my mind.

Maybe a bit longer incarcerated but Mum Duck is ferocious!

Pepper thinks the duck runs are better than tv and would spend many an hour watching the bebbies, if I didn’t know what she was thinking.

Yes, Pepper I know exactly what you are thinking!

She does love them, but not in a good way.

Slightly Duck Obsessed | My Shetland

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