Charlotte animal shelter volunteers push for more funding

Volunteers said CMPD Animal Care and Control is euthanizing animals far too often due to lack of space. CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The city says CMPD Animal Care and Control is the largest animal welfare organization in North Carolina. Yet, volunteers say it doesn’t have adequate space or staffing to handle the thousands of animals it […]

How animals would be impacted by U.S. federal funding package

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block Ahead of a looming U.S. government shutdown, congressional leaders have unveiled the first of two packages of bills to keep federal government funded through September 30 (the end of fiscal year 2024). This first package of funding and directives for several agencies contains many key items with positive implications […]

Brazen attacks on Endangered Species Act emerge in U.S. House funding bill

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block Just a few weeks short of the 50th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act’s passage, opponents in the U.S. Congress have pushed through a series of hostile amendments to undermine the landmark law during the House appropriations funding process. That’s the grim reality of the contemporary political landscape for […]

If passed, city budget would increase funding for Animal Care Services amid concern over dog bites

$26 million of the FY 2024 city budget could be allocated to Animal Care Services (ACS) if approved next week. That’s a 26% increase in funding from last year. SAN ANTONIO — A man was rushed into emergency surgery, then a toddler was bitten on the face. Both were victims of two separate dog attacks […]

Mug-Z-Moo to the rescue — animal welfare group’s ongoing struggle for funding

Jul. 22—An estimated 517, 979 West Virginia households (around 70 %) report having a pet, according to 2023 statistics gathered by The Federation of Humane Organizations of West Virginia (FOHO), a statewide organization advocating for improving animal welfare throughout the mountain state. The group estimates approximately 1, 073, 993 dogs and cats living in West […]

Progress for horses and alternatives to animal testing in Agriculture funding bill

As in recent years, the annual congressional appropriations process continues to be a key path for us to seek progress for animals. The legislation funding programs within the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration is a top priority because appropriations-focused lobbying and policymaking makes it possible to address a wide range […]

Cotswold animal shelter issues ‘urgent’ funding plea for surgery to save Prince Louis’ eyes

A Cotswold animal shelter is asking the public to help it raise enough money to save Prince Louis, a stray Maine Coon cat, from blindness. The large princely four-year-old has seen better days and needs the public’s help to ensure he gets to see better days again. The charity says Louis arrived in an “awful […]

Van Buren animal shelter to receive $93,000 in funding

VAN BUREN, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The Van Buren City Council approved $93,000 in funding for an animal shelter in its meeting on Jan. 23. The Almost Home Shelter and Rescue says the current conditions have volunteers and dogs feeling unsafe, but they will now be able to expand the shelter and renovate indoor pens to […]

Wildlife ACT’s Conservation Volunteering Funding Model

Photo by Chantelle Melzer Wildlife ACT has been able to provide sustained, free professional wildlife monitoring services to more than ten protected areas in Zululand for over twelve years through their conservation volunteering model. We are a team of experienced conservationists – rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty working in the field […]

A Trophy-Hunting Ban Could Hurt Animals More Than It Helps

Congress is again considering a ban on importing hunting trophies from Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Republicans and Democrats alike have championed such import bans in the past. Supporters claim a ban will conserve wildlife by discouraging Americans from traveling to Africa and killing wildebeests, zebras, elephants and other charismatic megafauna. But banning trophy hunting could […]

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