Silver’s Story | My Shetland

Silver’s Story | My Shetland

This is Silver’s story. He came to me as a 2013 weaned foal, along with Storm and Waffle in January 2014. when the weather had been absolutely vile.  You can see the rescue here. It wasn’t pretty but it was necessary.

Ten years later, Silver has finally grown up, changed colour and turned into a lovely handsome chap.

Ok, he still has his swallowed-a-button face but he is not nervous about much now.

And he has “a kind eye”(s).

Of the three, Silver was the shyest and he worried a lot.

Now he just wants nose kisseys and I, of course, am happy to oblige. That’s what I am here for.

Of all of the original three rescued Shetland ponies, I think Silver actually has come the furthest.  To begin with, he struggled with everything and, while he can still have his moments, I am actually very proud of how he reacts and behaves when the chips are down.  It only took ten years but we’re in it for the long haul.  I think he finally realises all is good.

And this was his original colour!

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Silver’s Story | My Shetland

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