Animal Equality Signs Letter of Opposition In Response to Dangerous EATS Act

The meat industry is making a last-ditch effort to fight against California’s recently-upheld Proposition 12 and animal protection laws like it. The proposed EATS Act could undo decades of animal protection progress if passed. Fortunately, a strong coalition of organizations is fighting back. This past week, a diverse group of 158 organizations, including Animal Equality, […]

Animal Equality in Mexico: 11 Years of Defending Animals

It began with a spark of compassion, but it ignited a movement that would forever change a nation. Eleven years ago today, Animal Equality in Mexico began its journey toward a brighter future for animals. It’s been eleven years since our team in Mexico began taking Animal Equality to new heights with investigations, plant-based resources, […]

Is Dairy Vegan? | Animal Equality

With veganism and plant-based food products on the rise, many people are left questioning what foods are safe for vegans to eat. Today, we explain whether dairy products, like milk and cheese, are vegan… What Does It Mean to Be Vegan? Being vegan means adopting a lifestyle that excludes the use of all animal products. […]

Animal Equality Brazil Exposes the Cruelty Behind Your Carton of Eggs

Animal Equality’s newest investigation is exposing the hidden truth of who is behind each carton of eggs. Our team of undercover investigators targeted four hen farms and one slaughterhouse in São Paulo, the country’s largest egg-producing state. The locations chosen reflect the reality for hens in Brazil’s egg industry, where the majority of hens are […]

Animal Equality Introduces Legislation to Protect Animals in Brazil’s State of São Paulo

Animal Equality, with State Deputy Carlos Giannazi, recently organized a public hearing at the State of São Paulo’s Legislative Assembly to discuss four crucial animal protection bills. The proposed legislation aims to end some of the cruelest practices endured by farmed animals. If these bills are passed, they would have the following impacts: Live animal […]

Animal Equality Urges Spanish Government to Ban Cages

On June 22, Animal Equality participated in the parliamentary forum “For the End of Cages in the EU.” A Parliamentary Forum is a platform that allows lawmakers from different countries and political parties to come together and discuss specific topics of common interest. The topic of this forum was a cruel practice Animal Equality has […]

New Images by Animal Equality Show the Short But Harsh Life of Chickens

Animal Equality is a beacon of light that shines on the darkest corners of the agricultural industry worldwide. With a commitment to exposing the hidden truths behind the closed doors of factory farms and slaughterhouses, our global organization is a powerful force for change in the fight for animal protection. Animal Equality has been keeping […]

Our Investigations Into Slaughterhouses | Animal Equality

Slaughterhouses are incredibly cruel and secretive, causing immense suffering to billions of farmed animals. Recent investigations have revealed routine animal abuse within these facilities, exposing the truth to bring about positive change for animals. Abuse and Cruelty Happening Behind Closed Doors Slaughterhouses are some of the cruelest places in the world, causing immense suffering to […]

Animal Equality Makes Significant Progress in India

Animal Equality has successfully brought the cruel conditions of factory farms and slaughterhouses to the forefront of public consciousness. This achievement has been made possible by the organization’s global reputation and the tireless efforts of its dedicated team in India. A meeting between the founders of Animal Equality–Sharon Núñez, Jose Valle, and Javier Moreno–and a […]

Animal Equality Protests Denny’s on Las Vegas Strip

In the heart of Fremont Street, beneath the iconic yellow neon lights of Denny’s flagship restaurant, Animal Equality stood with a coalition of activists to protest Denny’s association with animal cruelty. Despite publicly committing to phasing out the use of “gestation crates” in its supply chain over a decade ago, Denny’s has failed to follow […]

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