New Images by Animal Equality Show the Short But Harsh Life of Chickens

Animal Equality is a beacon of light that shines on the darkest corners of the agricultural industry worldwide. With a commitment to exposing the hidden truths behind the closed doors of factory farms and slaughterhouses, our global organization is a powerful force for change in the fight for animal protection. Animal Equality has been keeping […]

Our Investigations Into Slaughterhouses | Animal Equality

Slaughterhouses are incredibly cruel and secretive, causing immense suffering to billions of farmed animals. Recent investigations have revealed routine animal abuse within these facilities, exposing the truth to bring about positive change for animals. Abuse and Cruelty Happening Behind Closed Doors Slaughterhouses are some of the cruelest places in the world, causing immense suffering to […]

Animal Equality Makes Significant Progress in India

Animal Equality has successfully brought the cruel conditions of factory farms and slaughterhouses to the forefront of public consciousness. This achievement has been made possible by the organization’s global reputation and the tireless efforts of its dedicated team in India. A meeting between the founders of Animal Equality–Sharon Núñez, Jose Valle, and Javier Moreno–and a […]

Animal Equality Protests Denny’s on Las Vegas Strip

In the heart of Fremont Street, beneath the iconic yellow neon lights of Denny’s flagship restaurant, Animal Equality stood with a coalition of activists to protest Denny’s association with animal cruelty. Despite publicly committing to phasing out the use of “gestation crates” in its supply chain over a decade ago, Denny’s has failed to follow […]

A Letter from Marco: Undercover Investigator for Animal Equality

Undercover investigations have played a significant role in raising public awareness about animal cruelty. By providing evidence that would otherwise remain hidden, our investigations have sparked public outrage and calls for reform. A letter from Marco, Undercover Investigator for Animal Equality: I am accustomed to risk and uncertainty; a sudden change of plan; endangering my […]

What Is Fish Farming? | Animal Equality

Fish farms have been described as “factory farms in water.” Around the world, tens of billions of fish are raised and slaughtered on these farms, but consumers are unaware of the conditions these animals endure during their lives. Fish farming, also known as aquaculture, is the fastest-growing animal agriculture industry in the United States. Within […]

Animal Equality Demands An End to Cages for Animals Worldwide

Last week, Animal Equality gathered in Madrid, Spain, to conduct a demonstration in front of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food. As it launched its “No Animals in Cages” campaign, members and volunteers called on Minister Luis Planas to maintain his 2021 position to gradually transition to cage-free systems in Europe. The activists held signs […]

Animal Equality Delivers 100,000 Signatures to Mexican Congress

On March 14th, efforts to include animals in the Mexican Constitution reached a significant milestone when Animal Equality’s team presented 100,000 petition signatures in Mexico’s Congress of the Union. This effort is part of Animal Equality’s broader campaign to secure constitutional recognition for animals in Mexico. Because animal welfare laws are currently determined by local […]

Vancouver Residents Join Animal Equality to Condemn Foie Gras

On March 6, dozens of concerned residents in Vancouver, Washington voiced their support for a city-wide ban on the sale of foie gras at City Hall. Following an evening workshop to discuss three proposed animal bills, including one on foie gras, City Council gathered for a public hearing, where supporters joined Animal Equality in “Ban […]

Animal Equality Joins Demand for Charges Against Meat Processor

On February 15th, Animal Equality and Animal Partisan asked the Walworth County, Wisconsin District Attorney to file animal cruelty charges against an Elkhorn meat processor and its General Manager. In a letter filed by the national animal advocacy groups, Animal Equality and Animal Partisan, the groups urge District Attorney Zeke Wiedenfeld to pursue criminal charges […]

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