Animal Equality Brazil Exposes the Cruelty Behind Your Carton of Eggs

Animal Equality’s newest investigation is exposing the hidden truth of who is behind each carton of eggs. Our team of undercover investigators targeted four hen farms and one slaughterhouse in São Paulo, the country’s largest egg-producing state. The locations chosen reflect the reality for hens in Brazil’s egg industry, where the majority of hens are […]

The Secret Slaughterhouses of Brazil

In an effort to combat further deregulation of Brazil’s meat industry, Animal Equality is exposing what happens inside clandestine, or ‘backyard,’ slaughterhouses. Investigators not only found extreme animal abuse at the time of slaughter, but also sanitary violations that pose a public health risk.  The images from this investigation give a glimpse into a future […]

Animal Equality Joins the Brazil Senate Self-Control Bill Debate

On Monday, December 12th, Animal Equality participated in a Senate session to debate Brazil’s proposed ‘Self-Control’ bill. The organization was joined in opposition of the bill by World Animal Protection, the Institute for Consumer Protection, the National Union of Agricultural and Livestock Fiscal Auditors (ANFFA Sindical), and other animal, environmental and consumer protection organizations. The […]

Animal Equality’s Global Pressure To Stop Harmful Law In Brazil

Animal Equality has been working internationally to stop Brazil’s ‘Self-Control’ Bill, which is causing animal welfare and public health concerns globally. In June, Brazilian Senators fast-tracked a bill to remove government oversight inside slaughterhouses. The initiative – dubbed the ‘Self-Control’ Bill – will allow the meat industry to conduct its own animal welfare inspections. Since […]

Animal Equality, Brazil Holds Public Hearing Against Inhumane Law

On September 15, Animal Equality met at São Paulo’s State Assembly alongside several animal, environmental, and human health protection organizations. The public hearing was organized by Animal Equality with the support of State Representative Carlos Giannazi. The organizations met in opposition of Brazil’s ‘Self-Control’ Bill1 to discuss their concerns of the harmful initiative. Who attended […]

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