EU Commission Falls Short on Commitment to Protect Animals

As the President laid out the Commission’s goals, critics noted that the government body had promised to review animal protection laws by the third quarter of 2023. Not only did they fail to discuss their plans to do so, but animal welfare issues were not mentioned in the agenda for 2024.  European Commission President Ursula […]

Breaking: New regulations could finally protect horses from ‘soring’ cruelty

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block There’s new hope for ending the painful practice of horse soring: a long-awaited new administrative rule from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, one that’s badly needed and long overdue. Horse soring is an undeniably cruel practice in which trainers covertly and deliberately torment show horses by slathering their limbs […]

U.S. Congress has new chance to better protect animals with game-changing bill

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block Responsibility for animals’ welfare rests with us all, including the federal government. Our work spans a range of federal agencies, all of which can do something to support the prevention of animal cruelty and suffering. A whole-of-government approach is consistent with the growth of our movement and its influence, […]

Animal Equality Introduces Legislation to Protect Animals in Brazil’s State of São Paulo

Animal Equality, with State Deputy Carlos Giannazi, recently organized a public hearing at the State of São Paulo’s Legislative Assembly to discuss four crucial animal protection bills. The proposed legislation aims to end some of the cruelest practices endured by farmed animals. If these bills are passed, they would have the following impacts: Live animal […]

Leave a Lasting Legacy: Protect Animals for Generations to Come

Animal Equality has partnered with FreeWill to provide an opportunity for individuals to leave a meaningful legacy behind. Your generosity will provide crucial support for our work, advocating for animal rights, promoting animal protections, and pushing for meaningful change in factory farming. When you invest in the well-being of farmed animals, you are investing in […]

Dr. Bronner’s Gives Back To Protect Farmed Animals

Dr. Bronner’s, one of North America’s top-selling soap and body care products brands, has made a compassionate contribution towards Animal Equality’s fight to end animal cruelty. And we want to say thank you… Animal Equality would like to thank Dr. Bronner’s for its recent donation of $9,000 in support of our work to create a […]

Letter to the editor: Goldie’s Act will protect animals from abuse

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is responsible for enforcing the Animal Welfare Act, which sets standards for the humane treatment and care of animals at certain federally licensed facilities. The USDA, however, has repeatedly failed in its duty to ensure that dogs and puppies in USDA-licensed facilities, like puppy mills, receive the basic care that […]

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