Fish have feelings too: Why animal sentience means we should rethink food

With the sentience of vertebrates now enshrined in UK and EU law, is it time we rethought our relationship with fish? If you’ve ever had a pet, visited a zoo or watched wild animals at play, it’s likely you’ve considered the concept of animal sentience. Loosely defined as the ability to experience both positive and […]

Investigation: UK Fish Slaughter Boats Exposed With New Drone Footage

Animal Equality’s most recent investigation reveals a multitude of animal abuses and biosecurity risks on fish slaughter boats operating off the coast of Scotland.  The investigation specifically implicated two major suppliers of these fish, Loch Duart Ltd. and Dawnfresh Farming, which have ties to the United States. The uncovered practices were concerning enough to be […]

What Is Fish Farming? | Animal Equality

Fish farms have been described as “factory farms in water.” Around the world, tens of billions of fish are raised and slaughtered on these farms, but consumers are unaware of the conditions these animals endure during their lives. Fish farming, also known as aquaculture, is the fastest-growing animal agriculture industry in the United States. Within […]

Oregon Senate Hears Fish Welfare Plea, Animal Equality Co-presents

Last month during an informational hearing, the Senate in Oregon was presented with a legislative proposal to protect farmed fish in the state. Animal Equality’s Legal Advocacy Counsel, Sarah Hanneken, co-presented the initiative that would create minimum welfare standards for fish as the state plans to see an expansion of aquaculture—”factory farming in water.” How […]

Farmed Fish Are Suffering, by Animal Equality

On November 29, 2022, the popular British publication, The Grocer, published an op-ed by Animal Equality’s UK Executive Director, Abigail Penny about the suffering of farmed fish. By: Abigail Penny, Animal Equality UK Executive Director “As good as any bullet.” The words of a farm manager on a UK pig farm as he was filmed […]

California poaching crew busted by Fish and Wildlife in tag reprinting scheme

Six people are in custody and a seventh is being sought by authorities after California Fish and Wildlife game wardens busted an alleged poaching ring that spanned several years and involved the cooperation of a local grocery market. They’re called the E-Bike Crew, a group of six men who are believed responsible for dozens of […]

Zoo Using Fish Waste and Water to Grow Animal Food

The Cincinnati Zoo is employing sustainable farming techniques in an effort to be less dependent on outside sources to supply food for Zoo animals.  In addition to growing food for animals at the Zoo’s Bowyer Farm, we are also excited to start growing food for animals right here at the Zoo with our Aquaponics greenhouse! […]

Fish GPS? Scientists find goldfish go farther next to certain stripes | Animal behaviour

Goldfish may spend most of their time swimming up and down a glass tank but researchers have found they have a sophisticated navigation system that allows them to estimate distance. While researchers have previously shown a wide array of fish can navigate efficiently, questions remained about the mechanisms involved. Understanding those, scientists say, could help […]

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