A Lovely Chat | My Shetland

A Lovely Chat | My Shetland

I was waiting for Fivla to finish her bucket when Vitamin came up to stand next to me.

This is quite rare as Vitamin is not really a chatty sort of pony.

Having decided that Fivla was obviously not going to share her bucket (Vitamin had already wolfed her own down as quickly as possible), she thought we could have a chat instead.  I felt this was a summons from the Queen.

Vitamin has done very well this winter and the spark for life is still very much in her eyes.  Vitamin certainly takes no prisoners, either.

She is very tough with her small herd of reprobates and in return, they mostly steer well clear!

Today it was Newt’s turn to be irritating.  He also wanted Fivla’s bucket and so spent his time nibbling her back legs.  Fivla was not amused and I don’t blame her.  Once finished, I cleared everything up, rinsed mouths and gave the old ladies a hug.

Snow again tomorrow plus a gale.  Meh.

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A Lovely Chat | My Shetland

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