Breakfast Buckets | My Shetland

Breakfast Buckets | My Shetland

First thing this morning, I was mugged for the buckets I was carrying.

And I thought to myself that it was only Haakon and Iacs who could eat side-by-side without playing “musical buckets”, arguing or minding about the other one.  This is something the Minions are incapable of.

But Haakon and Iacs are not that kind of horse.

They have always been the best of friends – even immediately recognised each other when they met again after Iacs joined our herd a couple of years on from when I bought Haakon.

These two are cousins and Haakon is the oldest, which means he is of course entitled to dribble his food onto Iacs’ mane.  Their mothers were sisters.

They both came up for air eventually.  You can tell they are cousins.  You really can.

And yesterday Daisy spent her morning grooming them all.

They all look so much better – gorgeous and less floofy.

Kolka loved it too. Daisy said she followed her round getting in the queue waiting for her turn to be brushed.

Not looking bad, I think, either.

Note-to-self, I must do the Minions next.

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Breakfast Buckets | My Shetland

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