My Wall of Primroses | My Shetland

My Wall of Primroses | My Shetland

I know Spring has finally arrived when my wall of primroses appears on either side of our burn (stream).

A truly beautiful sight and one I adore, every year.

The wild primroses grow enthusiastically either side of the burn on almost cliff-like banks.

This is probably why they grow so well because no one can eat or tread on them.

It was a glorious day today and the last for a while, I think.

A gale is on its’ way, accompanied with plummeting temperatures.

Snow or sleet is forecast next week too……

We are all very unimpressed with this weather forecast.

(but it was lovely to see Ted being a “proper dog” …..

…. while Pepper investigated the burn.)

So I hope the primroses will cope.  It seems very unfair since they’ve made a gloriously beautiful effort.

“Maybe it will miss us” – that’s what I always say when I look at a bad weather forecast.

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My Wall of Primroses | My Shetland

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