Fitted Right In | My Shetland

Fitted Right In | My Shetland

Well, what can I say?

It’s like Kolka has always lived here (btw, she has a rare double tooth thing we know all about on her right side that Stuart, our equine dentist, treats and it doesn’t affect her eating).


Haakon has got over himself. I think he is secretly relieved there is a strong mare here who will now take over the role of boss.

Three geldings living together never making a decision between them can be tiresome.  Kolka is happy to be their leader and they are more than happy to let her have this job.

Klaengur remains totally smitten and Kolka tells him what to do.

He loves that.

This morning, all four came up the hill for their breakfast. It was interesting watching them. Day 1 and no one bothered anyone for their bucket.  Kolka has fattening food because I want to keep her rug off.  Iacs and Haakon have semi-fattening food because they are ancient and need a bit. Klaengur had a token gesture of nothing.  And they all just got on with it.  No bickering, no stealing and no bouncy bottoms. Kolka made sure of that.

While the weather was pouring down last night, I was much calmer too. I just thought “well, they have Kolka so they will all be fine now” and went back to sleep.

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Fitted Right In | My Shetland

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