Equine Dentist | My Shetland

Equine Dentist | My Shetland

While we were waiting for our equine dentist, Stuart, to arrive, I let Fivla and Vitamin out of their field so they were close by and easy to catch.

Vitamin had a lovely chat with Haakon who drew in his stomach and looked beautiful.

Then Fivla came swishing past in a rage to tell her friend not to talk to the riff-raff.  I love Iacs’ hopeful face – a double date, perhaps?  You can almost hear her shout “No chance!”

The old ladies were first in – Fivla…. who had nothing done.

And then Vitamin who had some rasping done.  When Stuart returns next Spring, she will need sedation and two teeth removed.  It needs to be done.

Note – one small dog who “helped”, ie got in the way horribly and was almost trodden on. She will learn somehow if she doesn’t get killed in the attempt.

I love this photo.  It just shows that nothing much has changed in over 20 years.  Everyone just waits patiently and there is never any trouble.  I think Iacs was still hopeful of his “date”.

Haakon had quite a bit done. He had a fracture in his tooth, which had left a sharp bit casuing an ulcered cheek.  Hopefully with everything smoothed down, it will heal up in a week.  My poor boy.  He never said.

Lastly was Iacs who had some rasping and spent the whole time walking backwards in circles (sorry, no photo).

Anywho, I am glad Stuart has been.  I feel much better knowing everyone is the best they can be for their age and there are no unknown nasties lurking.

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Equine Dentist | My Shetland

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