Hairst, a Shetland Autumn | My Shetland

Hairst, a Shetland Autumn | My Shetland

“Hairst” is the Shetland dialect word for Autumn.

It is my most favourite time of year.

I love all the muted colours, the everything.

Shetland just looks perfect to me.  This is my time of year.

But, best of all, Floss is home for a ten day holiday (yes, we are still testing positive for Covid but it is her choice and hopefully as we are two weeks on, we are not contagious).

So we took the dogs for a walk in Leradale.

Although it was overcast, Pepper and Ted had a lovely time running and running and running.

As well as digging.  Absolutely no one came when they were called, either. Little baskets.  We were both hoarse from shouting.

Leradale is perfect this time of year.  Very special.

And this rock bridge spans a very deep burn. I held my breath, prayed and walked across it.

But Floss refused and found an easier place upstream (I bet she also held her breath when she crossed – scary stuff).

After our walk, I took Floss to visit Klængur and she agreed with me that he looked much better but needed to stay a bit longer. It’s always good to have a second opinion.

Anywho, it is lovely having Floss home. Let’s hope we don’t infect her with our plague.

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Hairst, a Shetland Autumn | My Shetland

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