Farrier Today | My Shetland

Farrier Today | My Shetland

We spent our morning getting everyone in the right place for our impending farrier visit today. The old men were unimpressed with their holding pen. Tough.

We put the Minions in the stable.

Havoc was wreaked…..

…. as well as revenge (Storm, No!)

Pepper spent her day going round making friends.


And the bad news.  Tiddles has hoof capsule rotation (last year’s laminitis and now soft ground have not helped).  He has to live on hard-standing for a while for everything to sort itself out after the trim.  But now all his hooves have been remedially trimmed, Tiddles is much happier.  Painkillers have helped as well.  We will inter-change his companion.

Today it is Albie who has drawn the short-straw.  He is not thrilled but they will all take it in turns.  Meanwhile poor, poor Tiddles.  Off we go again.

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Farrier Today | My Shetland

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