Hard Standing | My Shetland

Hard Standing | My Shetland

To town this morning for pony supplies, drop off some sheep, eat haggis and chips, and then swiftly home.

The sheep field always needs filling but things should calm down now Wool Week and the cruise ship visits are over for the year.  I can go back to transcribing my Great Great Aunt Kate’s diaries again.  I am up to 1930 and in Italy.

Once home, we unpacked the van and quickly constructed a single strand electric fence around as much hard-standing as safely possible.  It was not easy because fence posts need something to stick into and hard ground is impossible.

I also invented a rather nifty gate effort that divides the two doors to the stable and the indoor school so the old men could have use of the indoor school if required while Tiddles and friend can use the stable if the weather gets really rough.

However, I am not confident that one strand of electric wire will be enough to contain Tiddles and friend and am fully prepared to put up another over the next few days.

But, for the time being, I remain an optimist or possibly a rather stupid naive owner of Shetland ponies who should know better by now!

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Hard Standing | My Shetland

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