Respect the Fence! | My Shetland

Respect the Fence! | My Shetland

It’s been a very windy day today with sporadic violent showers, thankfully very quick, but the type that can soak you to the skin in seconds.  We have all experienced this.

Can you tell that I am totally obsessed by the weather?  (sorry, but I am. It’s the time of year).

Anywho, I am being tough.  Floss reminded me that everyone is very well-covered (*** cough – fat – /cough ***) so I don’t need to bring them inside.  Nope, they must grow a thick winter coat and get on with it.

Even so, I am glad the old ladies are using their shed.  They know it’s there if they want or need it.  I don’t need to lie awake at night listening to the bad weather and worry.  I can think of them choosing to get out of it instead.

My one strand fence is holding up in the wind and possibly even being respected.

I realise it is only Day 1 but I remain the optimist.  There is a tiny part that is not electrified as it was impossible.  Tiddles and Albie do not know this.  Say nothing!

Instead, I have a feeling that the full force of the zap on the nosey touching the wire to see if it is actually on may have been felt.  Respect the fence then!

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Respect the Fence! | My Shetland

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