A Little Barrel | My Shetland

A Little Barrel | My Shetland

Remember this wee black lamb?

…. who was intrepid and greedy, from Day 1?

He even went on a dog walk with me, leaving his mother behind…. shouting!

Well, he was sheared for the first time this year and his fleece was gorgeous.  I have kept all their fleeces except ‘Ster’s.

After choosing a nice bit (hopefully around the neck, I think), washing and drying it (it took ages hung up over the Rayburn like dreadlocks), I carded a good pile today and made 5 lovely batts.  The colour is beautiful.

And then, this afternoon, I made this little chap!  A mini Harrel-the-Barrel!

Awwww…… *** sniff ***!

His wool was lovely to work with and most pure black.

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A Little Barrel | My Shetland

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