Dodging the Weather | My Shetland

Dodging the Weather | My Shetland

We spent the day dodging the weather.

A swift dog walk at Leradale and we only got slightly soaked.


Lovely autumn colours about.

Pepper and Ted ran around at 100 mph!

Home and there were sheep everywhere. They hadn’t gone out into any field – they have a choice of 4 over 50 acres.  But no.


Lambie looking very Hallowe’en.

‘Ster.  Chewing away.

Always handsome.

‘Bert ( you have to say that like “Norm” in Cheers as he goes into the bar, so you know!)

Pepper has a very soft spot for ‘Bert. Perhaps it is because they are of similar hue.

Madge – and that’s about as near as I get to her these days.

Edna – my dear sweet girl.

And around the corner, and I nearly forgot about her until Floss said “what about Maggie”, – so, here’s Maggie!

She is wonderful.

Enchanting, even. Unless she is chasing and trying to butt Pepper and then she is less enchanting.

And then the heavens opened and so we all rushed indoors.

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Dodging the Weather | My Shetland

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