The Beast!

The Beast!

Last week, I put an advert out asking if anyone had a hot water boiler and I bought this 30L boiler.  OH collected it for me yesterday.  So I filled it up from our hot water supply and then some buckets too.  This is our cheapest way to do it. The water is already good and hot and the boiler just keeps it like that.

I have an electric thermometer which I was given many years back and sat in a drawer doing nothing.

I washed some of Harrel-the-Barrel’s wool.  This is lamb’s wool so it should be the very best of the best.

There was help, obviously!

And a small row about the bed.

Job done, relatively easily now I have my hot water boiler and I put everything outside to dry in old pillowcases.

There was obviously clearing up to do afterwards.  That cat ain’t moving for no one.

This is my wool supply from shearing this summer.  I aim to wash the nice bits and use them to make my felted sheep.

And I also bought myself The Beast – or a drum carder!

It means business with those teeth.

This is last year’s wool from ‘Ster, which I had washed but was difficult to work with in its original state.

So I swiftly ran it through my carder to make very useable batts. So soft and a lovely colour.  There is something very nice about using my sheep’s own wool. It makes every sheep that I make very special.

My aim is to be self-sufficient in wool. I have all the colours (white, black, shaela, moorit, katmoget, flecket….). I will wash small batches, dry them and run them through my drum carder to create wool I can make my sheeple out of.  I am feeling very pleased and ever so slightly smug now.

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The Beast!

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