Total Debacle

Total Debacle

This morning was chaos.

Utter chaos.

It started well. I gave out the four buckets to Kolka, Iacs, Klaengur and Haakon and left them to it.

Then I took my other buckets downhill to the Minions’ part of the field.  I put out their buckets in a row, Storm flipped them over one at a time behind me.  I put them back the right way and then dished out the food.

Then I heard thundering and Iacs was galloping down the hill for a second breakfast, followed by his team-mates.

Iacs intimidated Fivla who squealed like a stuck pig and gave up eating her bucket.  So there might’ve been a low-flying feed scoop that smacked one large hairy Iacs-shaped bottom.

I moved Fivla and her bucket away from the fence.

By now everyone else was finishing up so there was not much I could do except good luck if you want to try and get Vitamin’s bucket off her.

Iacs was unrepentant, possibly triumphant.

It was good to see Kolka being nice.

You can see what’s on her mind…… more food, please.

I absolutely hate horses that lean over fences.  Hate.  I might bring the electric fence down with me and set it up if this continues.

But they are sharing the salt-lick.

Mr and Mrs K.

Poor Fivla. She did not deserve Iacs’ horrid ‘haviour (Albie was not helpful, either – he was planning on stealing Fivla’s bucket so I put a stop to that).


Feeling slightly calmer, I cleaned teeth, sprayed hooves, gathered up my buckets, put the rubber feed ones back over the fence, collected more buckets, gave Haakon his special secret biccie and climbed up the hill.

Iacs followed me up probably to see if he could wash up.

I got home and texted Daisy to take her horse away next time she visits.  I will happily pack his red spotted hanky.

Total Debacle

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