Valentine’s Day Animal Adoption Camp – Dilwale Paws Le Jayenge | Mumbai News

Valentine's Day Animal Adoption Camp - Dilwale Paws Le Jayenge | Mumbai News

MUMBAI: Just ahead of Valentine’s Day, an animal rights NGO held a colourful event in Thane on Sunday, to help animal lovers make a `pawmise’; at the `Dilwale Paws Le Jayenge’ animal adoption camp.

The activists encouraged citizens to not just celebrate V-Day among humans, but also to show love for rescued animals by giving them forever homes through adoptions.

Explaining this creative concept, activist Sushank Tomar of Citizens for Animal Protection Foundation (CAP), told TOI: “While February 14 is celebrated internationally as the day of love, we are creating awareness that animals also need our love, by adopting them and giving them a better life. That is why citizens were invited for the Dilwale Paws Le Jayenge event in which 81 rescued animals such as dogs, cats, donkeys and a bull were shown as `brides and grooms’ so that they can be adopted by compassionate animals lovers who were dressed as `baraatis’ as if at a wedding venue.”

Tomar added that some of the rescued dogs and cats have been assured of adoptions, while one of the two donkeys has got virtually adopted — which means that a fund of Rs 5000 per month will be sent for his upkeep at the farm where he is currently kept.

“The donkeys had been adopted from a construction site two years ago, as they were in a terrible state due to overwork, exploitation and lack of proper food and water. We had also rescued an ailing cow from the city streets, and were shocked to find over 20 kg of plastic in her stomach. The hungry cow had been eating discarded plastic from garbage bins,” said Tomar.

However, Sunday was not really the day for sad stories of plight of animals, as romantic songs were cheerfully sung by the animals lovers to encourage their adoptions.

The activists also urged people not to buy expensive breed pets from pet shops, as there are hundreds of rescued Indie dogs and cats at various shelters who are healthy and fit for adoptions, as they make good, loving pets.
Valentine’s Day Animal Adoption Camp – Dilwale Paws Le Jayenge | Mumbai News

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