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Valentine’s Day Animal Adoption Camp – Dilwale Paws Le Jayenge | Mumbai News

MUMBAI: Just ahead of Valentine’s Day, an animal rights NGO held a colourful event in Thane on Sunday, to help animal lovers make a `pawmise’; at the `Dilwale Paws Le Jayenge’ animal adoption camp. The activists encouraged citizens to not just celebrate V-Day among humans, but also to show love for rescued animals by giving […]

Leopard kills Toddler in Aarey forest: Additional cameras, cage traps to catch animal

The officials have set up 12 camera traps within a 2-km radius from the spot of incident. A cage trap was also set up by covering it with shrubs and bushes within a 100-m radius from the spot where the toddler was ambushed by the leopard. “Till Monday night, we were able to set up […]

10 animal attacks reported from Aarey and SGNP in one year; residents fear for their lives

In the past one year, more than 10 animal attack incidents have been reported from the residential areas adjoining Aarey and Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Last year, a sub-adult female leopard was caught by forest officials after it had attacked seven persons over a period of two months. The forest officials had set up four […]

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