Not Going There | My Shetland

Not Going There | My Shetland

I took the dogs to Leradale for their walk and made a decision – they (the Minions) are not going there for the winter like they usually do.

There’s just too much green grass and it will not be good for them.

This way lies failure.

At home, the track is doing its job and everyone is resentful but sans laminitis which is my main aim.

This time last year, and the year before I think, we were struggling with this dreaded symptom/disease.

A small fact (very small, about 26″ of small) – Newt can turn over every feed bowl every time I turn them back to drain and keep out of the rain. It’s his talent!  I am not proud of this.


So my plan, for what it is worth, is to get the Minions through October living here and then to send them to our croft across the road. There is a nice hill park that will offer lots of grotty grass and shelter (the nearest hill).

I am trying so hard not to listen to the protests about no grass, no food, and no life.

But this times last year and the year before it was hell.  I must stay strong. I must stay strong.

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Not Going There | My Shetland

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