Helping ‘Ster

Helping ‘Ster

When the other sheep decide they want to go into the “middle” field, ‘Ster just can’t work out how they get there (btw, they go under the fence).

So he comes and finds me in the hope that I will sort it out for him.

He always asks very politely and of course I don’t mind leaving whatever I am doing to help him.  It’s my job.

‘Ster knows the drill. He has to follow me.

And I have to take him through the garden (without OH knowing).  We have to leave no trace.

And ‘Ster knows The Rules (no eating or touching absolutely anything) and, surprisingly, he is very good about this, never lingering to eat a tree or flower.

I open the gate from the garden to the field and ‘Ster dutifully goes out, happy to be rejoining his flock.

So of course they all see me and come running.


However, if I am lucky, they usually stay in their field, not coming straight out to beg at the front door.

Anywho, this is the method of getting through the fence. Big enough for a sheep, but not a horse or pony.  I like it that the sheep have a way to “escape” if anyone is being mean and chasing.

It’s not pretty, but it’s effective, apart for ‘Ster who can come home but, for some reason, can never go the other way, ie, out.


Even Lambie can work it out.

And he really is not the brightest star in our firmament!

No, Lambie, you’re not .

Helping ‘Ster

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