A Sunny Spring Walk | My Shetland

A Sunny Spring Walk | My Shetland

Fed the zoo at Leradale and came home, knowing a dog-walk was next on the agenda.

Or cat, depending on your perspective.

I laughed at the running.  So sweet.

I looked behind and saw just how the sheep get under the fence, despite the gate being open.  Everyone but Ster who can’t.

The seggies – yellow flag irises – are starting to appear.  Woohoo, there’s no denying it, Spring is finally making a proper effort.

A Ted action shot.

Slightly less action, but trundling along nicely, nonetheless.

Pepper covered twice as much ground, at least, than everyone else.

I love this photo.  Sums us up – mud and sheep.

“What’s that coming over the hill
Is it a monster? Is it a monster?”

There are little spots of colour everywhere now.

A little known fact, I did a project on celandine in primary school.  There is possibly nothing I don’t know about celandine, from aged 8. I remember it well.

My wild primrose wall is gathering strength.

The dogs were hunting for something. I have no idea what or who it was.

Pepper was not quite prepared to commit to swimming.  I think we will work on this special skill this summer.  I have a feeling she might love it.

Sitting, thinking…..

Feline Rampant?

And then Monster was very weird, or possibly weirder than usual….. the bar is pretty low.

Both front paws are in the water.

Meanwhile the hunt continued.

So that was our walk. It was lovely.  I really enjoyed it and I think the others did too.

A Sunny Spring Walk | My Shetland

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