Exposing Suffering That is Off the Scales – Hope Wetherall, Campaigner

Exposing Suffering That is Off the Scales – Hope Wetherall, Campaigner

This is the launch of our brand-new campaign: Off the Scales!

It’s time to let the world know how urgently we need to act to end the ‘broiler’ industry. Chicken farming is a rapidly growing sector of animal agriculture that forces suffering onto 68 billion sentient chickens annually, threatens public health, and damages the planet.

We urgently need to expose the destructive ‘broiler’ industry!

The ‘meat’ industry desperately doesn’t want the extent of their destruction to be known…

Share our video on your social media accounts or by email to challenge the deceptive marketing of animal flesh and empower consumers to spend their money on vegan alternatives instead.

Prisoners in Their Own Bodies

Did you know that modern ‘meat’ chickens have been selectively bred to reach quadruple the weight of their 1950s equivalents? This is entirely to maximise profits. Reaching up to 4.2kg, they suffer from an array of agonising health conditions.

Bones fractures are a common occurrence on ‘broiler’ farms, as chickens struggle to carry their own heavy bodies. Immobile birds become unable to walk to food or water, dying from starvation or dehydration if their hearts haven’t already given out.

Over 95% of chickens exploited for their flesh are densely packed onto Intensive Poultry Units (IPUs) sites, which can house between 40,000 and a million stressed birds. Aggressive behaviours develop among birds whose injuries go untreated. If the infections don’t kill them, they thrash around in distress while they’re gassed to death in slaughterhouses at 6 weeks old.

The broiler industry is gambling with our health

Bird flu – Our next pandemic?

Chickens in IPUs live in close proximity atop contaminated faeces. These environments are breeding grounds for zoonotic pathogens which originate in animals before evolving to infect humans. 

Worldwide, we’re seeing outbreaks of the H5N1 strain of Avian influenza (bird flu) on an unprecedented level. Over 77 million birds have been killed in an attempt to halt this. With a mortality rate of 50%, up to 150 million humans could lose their lives if a bird flu pandemic develops. The ‘broiler’ industry doesn’t want you to know it’s putting our lives in danger.

Antibiotic resistance: Is it worth it for a quick meal? If we keep funding industries that misuse antibiotic drugs this way, we’re heading towards a pre-medicine world…

Antibiotic resistance develops when harmful bacteria become resistant to antibiotic drugs after they’ve been administered over an extended time period. Mild illnesses become fatal when treatments fail. We’re experiencing an antibiotic resistance crisis that threatens to end over 10 million human lives per year by 2050 if we don’t stop funding animal agriculture!

Over half of antibiotics used in the UK are given to farmed animals, to prevent the development of disease and promote growth. Chicken farming is already causing human fatalities from Campylobacter (food poisoning), with 40% of E.coli bacteria that cause it now resistant to treatment in the UK.

Eating animals threatens our future

The ‘broiler’ industry threatens the future of the planet that we live on. Nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas emitted from chicken faeces, has 300 times more impact on climate change than carbon dioxide does, contributing to natural disasters for generations to come.

Nitrogen-rich chicken faeces enters waterways via agricultural run-off, polluting rivers. Algae overgrowth is stimulated by nitrogen, depleting water of oxygen and blocking sunlight from reaching aquatic plants. Free-living aquatic animals don’t survive when their habitats no longer support life. 

Send our letter to East Lindsey District Council in Lincolnshire, urging them to pledge not to grant permission for the construction of any more IPUs in the future. 

Two minutes of your time could prevent millions of birds from suffering, save human lives and protect the environment!

We need to act now to make consumers aware that their spending habits have global implications! 

Thank you so much for your support. It’s crucial that we share the stories of exploited sentient beings, so we can fight for their rights. Together, we can achieve a kind, vegan world. 

As always, 

For the animals.

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Exposing Suffering That is Off the Scales – Hope Wetherall, Campaigner

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